Kentucky Real Estate License

Are you looking to change careers? Would you like to set your own schedule?

If so, a Kentucky real estate license and a career in sales could be just the ticket to the life you’ve always wanted. What are the exact requirements to obtain a real estate license in Kentucky? Actually, it’s pretty easy.

Kentucky Real Estate License Requirements

1- 18+ years of age (you can start courses when you are 17)
2- At least a high school diploma or equivalent (GED is acceptable)
3- 96 Hours of approved real estate education (Must be from an accredited institution)
4- FBI Criminal Background Check (Real estate school will provide information upon registration)
5- Pass the Kentucky real estate exam (75% or higher)
Kentucky Real Estate License
Kentucky Real Estate Exam


Yes, the dreaded real estate exam. You may have heard horror stories about the difficulty level, but I’ll let you in on a little secret. My name is Todd Thornton and over the past 5 years no other person has taught more students in Kentucky how to pass the Kentucky real estate license exam than I have. My nickname is the “Real Estate Renegade”. I started the very first online real estate school in Kentucky. I decided from day one I was going to teach differently and try to accommodate different learning styles, all while making learning fun.

To this day, most real estate school courses don’t contain any audio files you can stream or download.  If they have video files at all, it’s normally just one or two very short videos at the beginning of the course and most are a sales pitch. When you get inside their course, it’s entirely text.  To be fair, you’ll need to read in any course because some of the topics can be very complex, but we have the best mix of content anywhere in the U.S..

Better than any other real estate class I’ve taken. Video clips and stories really helped me relate to the subjects.   Lee

We license all types of content and mash it up inside the course- textbooks, videos, audio files, infographics and more. We take great care to ensure that you have access to the tope people in their respective careers and the most up-to-date information available though our professionally-edited videos.

Watch the video below on ordering the background check.  Then see if you can find some other video examples from any other real estate school that compare.

FBI Background Check Video

The bottom line is that we use the best tools to create the best content and try to deliver the best student experience we possibly can. Are we perfect? No.- Nobody is. However,  we do our best by updating our courses daily.  You’re probably thinking everyone updates their courses, but that’s just not the case. In many cases, schools don’t update their content for years. Consider the following text from another real estate school in Kentucky when you are prompted to register for courses.

The real estate student is responsible for  purchasing  the textbook “MODERN REAL ESTATE PRACTICES 18TH EDITION.” This policy was changed in March of 2013. The introduction is in the process of being updated.

Why do I use this example? I’m writing this on June 7th, 2015. They apparently haven’t updated the course content in 28+ months! After all, if they can’t update whether a textbook is included, what comfort level would you have concerning new changes to the license law exam that go into effect July 1st, 2015? It’s not even the latest version of the textbook they reference. My students have known about the changes for a while. In fact, I’m the person who requested and petitioned the Kentucky Real Estate Commission (KREC) to change their rules concerning the exam.

Generally speaking, I don’t talk about competitors, I talk about how we do things differently, but sometimes direct comparisons illustrate key points that maybe wouldn’t be obvious to potential students. How else are we different from other real estate schools you may be considering?

Kentucky Real Estate License

Can you guess how many real estate schools in Kentucky offer a money back guarantee? 

The last time I checked we were still the only school offering a 14 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee for all pre-license and broker courses. There’s a reason why we receive more referrals from existing agents and real estate brokers than any other real estate school. If you are serious about getting a Kentucky real estate license, I encourage you to compare what we offer versus our competition. If you’d like to see everything that’s included with our tuition (Including one bonus worth $375 just by itself) access the link below to be taken to our main homepage.


Todd (Renegade) Thornton

Great Way To Learn

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